Rough day

Just got news of one of Zush’s buddies falling ill. 

When you are a parent, you watch your children grow up, we get older, but for those of us whose children have four paws, well, it’s as if we get cheated because our friends don’t get the time we desperately want them to get. So when it comes time to be praying and working good mojo, it feels as if I am praying  for a good friend of mine.

Putting pup prayers and good Karma from me, Jim, Kasia and Zusher….

Dog speed, our friend.



As George Costanza would say,”The sea was angry that day,friends…”

I knew when Zush was sick this morning,and as you see in the picture below,the ferries and weather looked Perfect Storm-ish.

Then, in my new hell room, the computer wouldn’t cooperate.people are snarling…a good day to be anywhere but here. Even the seagulls seem to have gotten a better offer.

If only I was so lucky.**sigh**