Lola is our boarder who is helping keep my trolley on the track of late. They say God does things for a reason, and Lola hanging with my girls is , indeed, a blessing.

Lola is 12, a year younger than Zush, and a sweetheart.She really has been loving Camp Zushkash..sometimes I have to let her kick back and rest from walking…lol.

Nothing like rescue fur babies to make your life worthwhile! 



Censoring Myself

For many years now, I have been writing posts to this blog.

Usually I write about something that has come across my mind, life, whatever, during the day.

On occasion,I have had things that I would have written about, but I pulled back at the last moment,because I just don’t feel like fighting with people or explaining myself. I feel that my writing pretty much speaks my mind.

Right now, I am asking for prayers and good thoughts. I am going through some rough emotional waters right now and need to get through it.