Why I am no longer a CVS customer

I have been a pretty faithful CVS drugstore customer, dating back pretty much to the late 1980’s.

Until today.

I had participated in a study for Alzheimer’s and got a $35 E-gift card for my efforts. I could have picked many companies to redeem it from, but I pick a company I know well and use a lot.

Imagine my chagrin when, after I order the E-gift certificates and they come to me in the email. That’s great,I think, and wondering what I need most, mosey over to their site. I ordered vitamins and the like and then go to checkout.

My dismay was major when I saw NOTHING on the checkout page for gift cards, let alone E-gift cards.I contact CVS and am informed that “due to fraud”, they haven’t accepted gift cards or E-gift cards for a while.They, aka customer service man named Ray, couldn’t give a rats’ ass if I couldn’t order and I said this sort of customer service will now have me pull everything I do from CVS and find another drugstore to use.I said if they don’t accept this, why do they advertise on the E-gift card site? Hmmm?

My venting wasn’t done.

I contacted the E-gift card site administration and find that I was screwed because they had already sent me the email. I said ” BUT THEY DON’T ACCEPT IT.” This was news to them. They promise to get back to me.As of 7:30 pm, they haven’t **not holding my breath**.

Long story short? I am screwed out of $35.00 honorarium for participating in an Alzheimer’s’ study, not that it was that important, and more importantly, CVS.com customer service sucks.




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Sixty two year old married female, care-giving, coffee-drinking.dog loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

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