Why I am no longer a CVS customer

I have been a pretty faithful CVS drugstore customer, dating back pretty much to the late 1980’s.

Until today.

I had participated in a study for Alzheimer’s and got a $35 E-gift card for my efforts. I could have picked many companies to redeem it from, but I pick a company I know well and use a lot.

Imagine my chagrin when, after I order the E-gift certificates and they come to me in the email. That’s great,I think, and wondering what I need most, mosey over to their site. I ordered vitamins and the like and then go to checkout.

My dismay was major when I saw NOTHING on the checkout page for gift cards, let alone E-gift cards.I contact CVS and am informed that “due to fraud”, they haven’t accepted gift cards or E-gift cards for a while.They, aka customer service man named Ray, couldn’t give a rats’ ass if I couldn’t order and I said this sort of customer service will now have me pull everything I do from CVS and find another drugstore to use.I said if they don’t accept this, why do they advertise on the E-gift card site? Hmmm?

My venting wasn’t done.

I contacted the E-gift card site administration and find that I was screwed because they had already sent me the email. I said ” BUT THEY DON’T ACCEPT IT.” This was news to them. They promise to get back to me.As of 7:30 pm, they haven’t **not holding my breath**.

Long story short? I am screwed out of $35.00 honorarium for participating in an Alzheimer’s’ study, not that it was that important, and more importantly, CVS.com customer service sucks.




The three days of weekend…

Can you hear the pause and the sigh as I sat down?

It’s my weekend. Whoo-hoo!

I had worked the express lane for two days straight and the scanning gun was broken. For two days, I had to lift heavy bags of cat litter,pet food, 24 and 30 bottles of water…you catch my drift? My bones are aching down to the core. I am hoping that if I get back to work, I can get a lane that won’t have defective equipment.

At least my gals and I will go swimming in the morning, so they will enjoy the coolness of the water. The rest, well, depending on the heat, we’ll improvise.I just am looking forward to every moment I have with the girls.