Vote Early

I worked the polls today.

The girl who grew up voting for councilmen and representatives worked the polls which had such oddities on it as assemblymen.Voting in my new hometown for the first time, I made sure I did my homework but it was still a little bizarre not recognizing any offices on the ballots.

Below is a shot taken from outside my polling place I worked at: it was a fire hall.Unlike my native state of Pennsylvania, where polls open at 7am, I had to be at my assigned station at 5:15am.


Well, it was indeed early when I reported.I was welcomed with open arms and felt right at home. It wasn’t quite the big city set up, but the coffee was good and hot.

Things went well and I am hoping I can meet up with my new co-workers again in November.They were really nice, and pleasant to work with.And the primary plus side?

…It wasn’t a bakery. LOL.