Can You See Me Now?( With apologies to Verizon)

There is nothing, I think, worse that having vision deteriorate with age.

Well, strike that. I can thing of a ton of stuff that is worse, but on a daily basis, realizing your vision isn’t what it used to be, well, it’s annoying.


I am no seamstress: never was, never will be. I did take a home economics class in high school and between that, Mom and Aunt Jennie, I managed to pick some things up. One of them was to sew and/or repair things with a needle and thread…until I could no longer gear up patience to thread a needle. I wear tri-focals.I wear them for distance, nearness and computer.As I got older, the needles I found to fix things with had the smallest of holes. I finally found,in all places,a Wal-Mart, that Singer had come out with large eye needles. I had chuckled when I found them, because I assumed that it reflected the greying of America.

Look out world: I am ready to become a stitching fool!


Full day

I did miss sleeping in today, as former retired people would people know.

We got up for Mass this morning, then paid a sick call on my buddy in Cape May.We then realized that we needed food for the house, so we went food shopping. We ran home and I walked the girls before coming back in and scarfing some lunch before changing for work.I got back in at 7:15 and walked the girls for their last walk of the night. Unfortunately, I have to get up early tomorrow morning for a doctor’s appointment.

I miss retirement. I miss my sleep.