Healthy quest

So we have been trying to eat somewhat healthier.

Somehow dinner tonight was heartburn inducing, even for me. I have been trying to stay away from all the drugstore remedies for it, seeing what I could do. I have a body who used to tell me take apple cider vinegar( 2 teaspoons) and that did work, until I found out the vinegar eats the enamel off your teeth. Yikes!

Call it divine intervention or what but when we went food shopping, I treated us to cored pineapple that they had in the produce section.Hmm…

I came in from our evening walk and could not take the discomfort any more.I remembered the pineapple, and knew of the bromide that is good for the digestion process. I took a few pieces and a little sip of the juice.

Good-bye heartburn!