No Fool like an Old Fool

I started my new job today.

I sat through training in my local Acme Markets with 4 19-22 years olds.One of them was the trainer.

I could feel the gray hair popping out, even though I just had my roots done yesterday.

I sat around the table with people who were born while I was still in the city, while I was single and they were younger than my nephews.It was really something.I normally don’t let my age bother me, but for those of you that know my,I actually kept my mouth shut, because I remember that age. No one likes to hear the words of an old head.

What was even more surreal for me was I retired from a full-time job with good pay and benefits and after three months, where am I? Back at work for minimum wage, part-time, paying union dues again, and no promise of continuity. My husband says to me why don’t I quit? I said I am not a quitter.

We’ll see what happens.

A big thank-you!

The Cutest Pup contest that I had blogged about is over.

The contest benefited the Rogue Sanctuary and Animal Refuge,and they were a worthy cause for the contest.As you know,if you have been following this blog,both of my girls are rescue girls.Zush came from SPCA and Kasia came from G.R.A.P.E, which stands for Golden Retriever Adoption Placement Education. This is the reason I participated in this contest;to honor rescues!

I received the email this morning that Zush won the contest.If you are a reader of this blog and actually took the time to click on links to vote for my girl, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.I appreciate the support.

Thank you!