Meanwhile back at Mayberry

I had the girls out this morning and got his picture.

You really couldn’t see it in this picture, but they put a speed limit sign up and to boot, it is a solar operated one.You can’t see in the picture, that above where the solar panel is, there are huge oak trees waiting to bloom out.

Was I the only one to see what’s wrong in this picture? Stay tuned, as it might seem there is some scuttlebutt about the placement.


Stormy weather

It must be spring.

Noses are itchy, eyes are watering, and all of a sudden, someone yells,”TORNADO”.

It is a beautiful time of the year. I get to weed out the garden, put some caladium bulbs in and work on the other seeds. I actually have feet that are sandal worthy.I am fortunate in that I have weeded out a ton of older spring clothes and thus, my wardrobe choices are limited for now, but that’s ok.

I have the sandals out and the last Thursday, had the girls out at the bay and came back with a wet sock and a wet sneaker.The key here is being bay friendly for everyone, both Momma and girls.

We are looking forward to the peace and quiet on Mondays through Thursdays, as the shoobies come down and it gets a little more noisy.That’s ok, though.

We live here!