Fishin’ Boat Lovin’

One of my best buds, Juls, has a very talented son, who records as Ty March.

Ty used to be part of the Capture the Crown band, and left them to go off on his own. He is blessed with a wonderful voice.He has tried his hand at writing more in a country and western slant, and one of my favorite songs that I was lucky enough to here him perform in person was Fishin’ Boat Lovin.Ty played it for me and Jim back in February and from the first time we heard it, we thought it had hit written all over it.

He has been putting in his time and you can hear his heart and soul in his lyrics. He’s like something you can become addicted to and want to hear more and more of.Trust me, you will hear from him a lot in the future, and it will only be good!

To think I knew him when….***chuckling**

Breakfast of Champions

I always ate breakfast, as my figure through the years would advertise.

Then,I retired.

I would get up in the morning and get washed and dressed and get the girls their medicine.Then they are leashed up and away we go.Jim’s nephew would say the secret of losing weight is to have a little something as soon as you get up to within a half hour so you get your metabolism gets going.Good thought, but when you have had a radiation implant in your past, well, eating then leaving the house is not necessarily a wise idea.

Well, this morning we are up early.The girls are up and got medicine and walked. I am not eating the cereal advertised in the post,as the old schoolers in us would recognize Wheaties in a heartbeat.I am having a bowl of Special K protein and hoping for a good day.

It is the most important meal of the day:I do agree with that.Here’s hoping you had a good one.