Lament for an Earring

I lost an earring today and I am ticked off.

I am convinced that earrings are the devil, as far as I am concerned. I mean, seriously,how many earrings can a woman lose in a lifetime? I had backs on the earrings and yet I lost one.How many times does this happen. I happen to have short hair.OK, so I am feeling a little sassy and wanted to wear a little longer earring.It doesn’t matter. Long hair, hot hair, winter coat collar or no coat,I lose an earring.

Is there some male run company the makes millions whenever women lose and earring? I have two holes in each ear.You still have nothing to do with the earring left behind the one that is lost.I lost earrings when my ears weren’t pierced.Pierced and lost, yup.When I first moved down here when I retired, I went across the street and would talk to my buddy Rita.She asked me why I didn’t have earrings in. Yet a week ago she was sad because she lost one of her pearl earrings given to her by her late husband.

Maybe the secret is to wear ugly earrings or earrings that you don’t like so if you lose them you aren’t ticked off.