Long Days’ Journey into Rain

It was a gorgeous day here today.

There was a slight breeze and I took the girls out for our 4 walks. We were enjoying the spring sunshine and breeze, but a funny thing happened during our third walk.

We were walking with my neighbor and her baby and while we were walking by the bay, a friend of mine was passing by.We met up with her in a few blocks, and she walked us back.She wanted the walk, she said, and we enjoyed her company.We all walked and talked and the walk back went by quickly.I felt bad though: my friend had a long walk back to her house.

I dropped the girls back at the house and I walked her back to her house.It felt good. Again, we were walking and talking, so it went by quickly.We said good-bye and I turned around and ugh! I had to walk back alone.Fortunately it was a pretty day, so it was nice.The weather is supposed to turn rainy tonight, so it made me want to savor the day.

I have to really thank Jackie Aschenfelter and the flip fitness class I took last year. Before I took this class, there is no way I could have done this walk. It was an awesome class and I miss my friends from it. Fortunately, I had the fit bit zip to follow it, and the magic number you see on the picture below shows a magic number I never reached before.

Thanks, Jackie!


Storage Wars

I have not really followed Storage Wars on A&E for a few years, since the guy named Barry left and they tried to give him his own show.

For some odd reason, like background noise while I am trying to start my flower seeds in egg cartons,I put the show on.It really hasn’t changed too much.Basically, anyone who has stopped paying on a storage unit in California, well, this couple contracted by A&E travel to auction the units off. Jarrod and Brandy and Darryl and Brandon are still there, and some newer folks who I really can’t follow. One girl, Mary, was all excited about a mirror that would have been on top of a dresser, when I watched her empty the unit, there were more pricier things that she had no clue what they were.A man named Ivy just paid $550 for someone’s unit and the first three things he pulled out of the storage unit? Empty baxes…it’s a game that I just can’t see why people would play it.

I’m thinking maybe it’s time to listen to music instead…more relaxing and not watching people spending money on junk.