Feeding One’s Soul

I am Catholic.

I am happy in my new Parish and enjoying the services I attend. I was active in my prior Parish and miss it.The one thing I notice is that where I attended,the “meal” fund-raisers that the Church would put out,were either bazaar food, or pancake breakfasts or something like that.

My homeowner’s association had a pancake breakfast today and it was our turn to work it and that was fine.Hell, it was better than fine: I had 15,000 steps today before 8PM! We went for Mass this afternoon and after that, we crossed the street to the neighboring Methodist Church for dinner!They had a roast beef dinner complete with baked potato, salad,green beans, roll and butter, beverage and desert.They do a dinner every month of the third Saturday of the month and they get a pretty good turn out.They don’t do it during the summer, as there are too many people in the area for them to serve.

In addition to the delicious food, the atmosphere is one where you are encouraged to kick back and relax and talk to who you are with and your neighbors. If you are lonely, it is a nice place to meet folks and talk to them.Food isn’t just for the body:it’s needed for the soul.

A lot of other houses of worship should consider this.People sure could use this these days.