Comcast yet again.

Now that we are down here at the Undisclosed location, we are trying to unpack and set things up.

Jim had his computer up and running all last week and today. As of 4PM EST, all of his emails,and there were many, have disappeared from his computer.We did nothing on this end, so as he is on the phone with them ,I can only SMH at a business who does this on a weekly basis. I mean, really? Xfinity should stand for where there service is set at-Xfinity: they’ll ship your email, your signal, anything that we foolish have paid them for to a service far, far away.Now I hear the girl telling him he’s going to have to wait two days. I feel for his frustration for a lot of his emails for work are in there and now they are gone.I guess Comcast doesn’t care about lost files, lost spreadsheets, or anything people need for life.

Oh, I am wrong.

They just care about taking the money and running.

So out of touch

I am watching the Golden Globes on television tonight.

I have seen the show “Transparent” and also it’s star, Jeffrey Tambor win.The show isn’t even on television.I believe it’s screened on Amazon primetime.Amazon primetime? What? I mean I realize that I know about Netflix and shows on there. I am so one color, I guess, that I had no clue that there are new ways to watch out there.

No, I am not going to end this that I used to walk 5 miles to school uphill in the snow.I just am watching this awards show and realizing how behind I am. Perhaps during this new chapter of my life, I might actually catch up.