Laying low….

I have about 2,000 more steps to do today and I’d hit 15,000…I probably will get that under my belt before the night is over.

The one thing I have noticed is my legs are really “tired” and “achy” by the time I get done for the day. I need to remember to put the good shoes on when I am walking. Poor judgement when I am in a hurry in the morning and throw my feet in my loafers.

Jim is out at our neighbors, and in a little while, after the current load of way is done, the girls and I will go out one more time for the night. It’s a little harried, as we have to leave for the city tomorrow lunchtime, in order to get up for the Deli’s Christmas party.

Not too much longer, though, and our Sunday night/ Monday morning travel will be over once and for all!


Grudge Match

I needed something to distract me tonight while I tackle stuff that I had brought down from the city.

Enter HBO pay-per-view.

I put on Grudge Match, starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro.

I didn’t know men with that much money could look so bad.Think of all the stuff around about Bruce Jenner and his changing looks.

Sylvester Stallone is in the movie and you know what? I almost didn’t recognize him. Alan Arkin is in it, and he is the only one who looks like his age.Robert DeNiro with bangs? **Shudder**

It is a kind of cute movie so far, but there is something about a Robert DeNiro in Casino or Goodfellas and a Robert DeNiro with bangs.