Green Ribbons

There is a young man from my current area named Shane Montgomery.

Jim and I were married in the church where he probably was baptized in and received his first Holy Communion and Confirmation in.

He is 21 years old.

…and he is missing.

He was at a local restaurant on Thanksgiving eve and quite frankly, has seemed to disappear into thin air.His parents are doing interviews, people are searching all over for him, people who can get to church get there to pray the rosary at night in a group to hope he gets home.

A friend of mine has a son this age.I can not even fathom what goes through a parent’s mind when, God forbid, they are faced with this.People are constantly discussing if anything new has been heard about Shane.

I was home today and while walking the girls, there were green ribbons all around, and not just on the street-they are throughout the neighborhood. People have started putting them up to help bring Shane home.

Here’s hoping and praying he comes home soon.


Memory Triggered

I took a bus down and because it was cold , I got off the bus and made my way to the train platform. I had decided to take a train into town.

There was a little scene going on at the platform: a 30-ish mom with her little 6-year-old boy and she was trying to talk him into wearing her scarf to stay warm.

I was so fortunate to go on the train and who sits across from me from the mother and the young boy. He sat there proudly holding a $10 dollar bill between his fingers to pay the conductor for the fare. We started talking about the boy and I spoke to her of my nephews and their love of trains. I had an actual pleasant start to my day, with pleasant memory triggered by this mom and her boy, for which I thanked them and wished them a merry Christmas, and they did the same to me.

I felt good, for the first time in a long time.