Perks of Undisclosed

Jim’s nephew, Tom, is forever announcing one thing to us.

We are so lucky in living so close to the Lobster House restaurant.He feels it is the best restaurant.

We went to dinner tonight and actually went to the coffee shop at the restaurant, and there was a daily special for $9.95, which was stuffed pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and vegetables. Not bad. Evidently they have a special every day of the week, and as the waitress was telling us, it was the same food coming out of the same restaurant that takes care of the actual restaurant. It’s something only the locals know about.

Ooops…now you know!



Ever trip we have had going down here to Undisclosed we have had one basic route.We would try to take the drive to bypass expressway traffic.

As much as I want to leave the city, the route on the way out was always so nice.The Boathouse row is especially nice at night when the houses are lit up. It is so gingerbread that is screams to take a picture.The other site we take in is the Art Museum, home of many wonderful paintings, but most importantly, the steps that Rocky took in the movie.

Nice to have the pictures for the memories.