Running by the seat of my pants….

I took off today to do the marketing study. I was back walking the dogs by noon.

Jim came back in from work shortly thereafter.

He asked, “Want to come down the shore?” We had a chance to fill up the car and start bringing things down to Undisclosed. I agreed it was a good idea and it was us definitely flying by the seat of our .

We had china that was my mother’s that we boxed up and brought down and some baskets, Christmas presents, Christmas decorations, and other things that left the big city for life in Undisclosed.

It looks as if we are going to be trying to stay over and come up in the morning. This, indeed, was a pleasant surprise.


To market, to market….

I am participating in a marketing study tomorrow.

It is one of the few things I genuinely will miss when I leave the city.

Being in a large metropolitan city,marketers tend to like people to participate in marketing studies. I would be compensated a little pin-money for my efforts when I would take part in one.Usually I would put the money aside for grooming my girls.Tomorrow is an awesome exception.

It is for dog dry shampoo and for writing a diary for when I sprayed the girls with the shampoo and 90 minutes of my time, I’ll be getting $150. No doubt the easiest cash I’ll ever make.

Sure will miss it!