The Tudors- Saint Thomas More.

When I went to Mass this morning, the priest talked about St.Thomas More and his part in history during the reign of King Henry the Eighth of England. He was an aide to the King, yet when made to either sign a document to say that the King was the head of the Church of England, he refused.

When he was sentenced to die for not signing it, he, Thomas More, went to his death saying he was the king’s faithful servant but God’s first.

Jim went to Saint Thomas More high school and really, that is all that I really kept in my head.The episode of the series, the Tudors,really splendidly played what was probably close to what is the truth.You felt the angst he felt when his wife came to him in the tower and asked him to sign the oath. As a Roman Catholic, I really never got anything in-depth on the life of Thomas More.

It grabbed me, the series of The Tudors.As a history major, I thought I knew more. Obviously there was a lot more for me to learn.


Powers of Pot Roast

We had gone through pot roast withdrawal for a bit.You know, when it is warmer out, pot roast is not necessarily food on top of your ” must have it now” list.

As it is now mid-October, we here in the Mid-Atlantic states have reached, at least for now, a genuine dip into October weather.When that happens, it was like an automatic reflex:I reach for the crock pot.Having a mom home for most of my life, I grew up with someone who was home and poured love into her meals. As times have changed,I discovered that the I can get the love in a meal via the crock pot.

I put carrots,peeled potatoes, celery and onion in the crock pot and then put the cut up pieces of chuck roast in.I normally cut it up when I know I am having company for dinner.Then, for trying something new, I purchased Campbell’s tavern pot roast sauce. All you had to is open the pocket and put it in the pot.

Cooking the pot roast was easy,as low and slow me a very tender pot roast.It smelled so good, the Zush the invalid come around to be a little bit. It was a hit across the board.