Shorter days

One lament I have with autumn is the fact that sunsets come earlier and earlier.

I would watch the daily time for sunsets and watch it ebb lower and lower. You would love summer and being on the beach and walking in the sand and watching the sunset.In June that would be around 8:45PM. All of a sudden in September, you look up the sunset time and it, uh, 6:45PM.

SIX FORTY FIVE? Gee whiz, where does the time go?

I am happy when Jim gets to go out when we are down here on his bike.He tends to go out later in the day, but what I don’t like is when he is out and it is twilight.Not good. Has me worried, because he has no working light on his bike and I worry about him getting hit.

I pray every day when he goes out that he come back home in one piece.It’s not good to play against the odds like that. I normally enjoy the sunsets with Jim at my side: when he is out, I worry.


All alone

A friend of our is alone for the week, and Jim has gone out for the night with him. For someone who wants to be into healthy eating, all you have to do is mention turkey meatloaf and he is out the door…lol. It’s just as well, as he is keeping our friend company.

Meanwhile, I have sunk into the weekend role of hausfrau.The washing I put off during the week was done tonight. I walked the girls three times today.I made some muffins off of a recipe from the internet. Now I have a small crock pot filled with macaroni and cheese to have to eat during the week.

Bedtime for me and the girls can’t come soon enough!