Sound of One Eye Clapping, Day Two

You never know what you have lost until you no longer have it.

Fortunately, I hope to have the vision back in my right eye eventually, but this eye being patched up while it is healing has been, pardon the expression, eye-opening. My friends who see me, well, people look at your good eye, but you can tell that the fact that I have one side of my face patched up, well, it’s uncomfortable for people to deal with.It is funny, because Jim and I were in church last week, and when we were at Mass, we saw an older guy who may or may not have lost an ear. Where his ear would be, it was covered with the same fleet colored tape as my eye is. Funny how that became part of my life a week later.

Going through the day has been a challenge. My depth perception is off, I walk as if I am drunk a little,Trying to cut food on a plate is weird.Things are definitely a little off in my world, right now.Trying to shower without getting the face wet is a trip too.

The grand unveiling of the eye is tomorrow night: we’ll see how it goes.



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58 year old married female, care-giving, loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

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