Sharknado? Again?

I guess the Sci-Fi station thought that since it is shark week, they might as well jump on the bandwagon again.This post is my opinion of the film and, SPOILER ALERT, does mention plot lines of the film.


I must be a sucker for pretty bad movies because these are so cheesy I can only laugh at them.They actually take lines from other scripts. I can not even tell you how many times the lifted and then twisted lines from Jaws.Somewhere, Robert Shaw, aka Quint from Jaws, is spinning like a top in his grave.I actually hear a twisted line from Independence Day.I guess that good writers are hard to come by.

I like the effects in the films, because they are so bad you can only chuckle at them.In the first one, a ferris wheel comes apart and rolls down the street killing folks.In the second one, it’s the statue of Liberty Head,As if that could actually happen

It was a good way to have us forget our real world worries for a wee bit.That’s the only thing I can thank the Sci-Fi channel for.