Sorry, Wrong Number, Day III


I got up this morning around 5:30am, because I just wasn’t feeling too well.

I got up out of bed, checked my cell phone on the side of the bed, and saw that it needed to be juiced up.I went to do precisely that.

Or so I thought.

Two brand new Apple USB cords meant nothing. My trust right arm, my Apple would no charge up for me.


5:45 am found me on with Verizon repair yet again, and I think that I knew more than some of the folks that I dealt with. By 7:30am, they had escalated me to level two once again, and then they decided to give my phone to needle and send it to phone heaven.Allegedly they are expressing me a phone on Monday and I should see it Tuesday.


Film at 11…lol

What season is it?

I grew up in Philadelphia.

The teams were the Flyers, Sixers,,Phillies and Eagles.They are the hockey, basketball, baseball and football teams.

For the last couple of years, the Phillies have been providing the entertainment, having won the 2008 World Series.The following years have been the fan base just hoping despite the amount of major injury to hit key players.Now the tide has changed.The Philadelphia Eagles have a new coach and this is his second year at the helm.Now, all the nay sayers about the Phillies have turned another way- they are looking at Eagles football.This includes me too, unfortunately, because, i my opinion, the Phillies are that bad.

Talk about having your head on a swivel.