Rolling with the Organics

We got down to Undisclosed and one of the first things that we peeked at was our, er rather, Compostman’s, growth tower.

Thanks to the compost tea and the rain, our beans are really getting their legs, the kale is getting up there, as well as the tomatoes and cucumbers and the rest. Even the little garden box that he made with cucumbers and squash is rolling along.We are pleasantly surprised at what has been accomplished in our little stretch of time.

We are getting hopeful about what will actually become a crop for us this year and what we will learn in time for next year.I think that this is one door that we are both equally glad that we have opened!


Sunset Parade

One of the perks of being at Undisclosed is our close range to the United States Coast Guard training base in Cape May, New Jersey.

We had been there a month ago to hear a speaker talk about the Coast Guard involvement in the “Perfect Storm”.Tonight we went with our friends to see the Sunset Parade.They open the base to the public, and as long as you have valid picture identification,you can come in.The let you go to the parade field and it is so impressive. You see the recruits all lined up in the units.
There is the Coast Guard band at one corner of the field.There is a reviewing stand where the base commanders stand and a few V.I.P’s, and the units, along with their 10 person precision drill team, parade through the grounds.

The fact the America goes into turmoil on a daily basis crossed my mind as I watched this impressive display of personnel.The national anthem gave me goosebumps: to be on a military base and see this display of their daily life was awesome.I left with even MORE respect for the Coast Guard than I had before.

IMG_3391coaastguardsunset parade