Free day depression

Talk about getting a free pass.

My employer has given everyone the day off due to weather.


In the meanwhile I am worrying about Jim making it out to work in the snow and sleet, have been channeling Saint Anthony for something important I seem to hopefully misplaced**God forbid,fear lost** and am just feeling pretty bad.

We are still waiting for the certificate of occupancy for Undisclosed Deux;the stress is still hanging over the two of us like a guillotine.I am looking out at the Blessed Mother statue in my Mom’s yard and the snow is up to her hands.**sigh**

If I didn’t have the fur girls, you can rest assured I would be back in bed…

frozen ocean

Exercise Modified

The nicest thing about doing my flip fitness class is that it is adaptable.

There is no drill sergeant maligning you step in line in unison, and things go that nature. In fact, Jackie, my instructor, is one of the most pleasant women I know.Since I had my cancer cut out last week, I had to be really careful with the right side of my neck.The stitches are in and I couldn’t have anything loosen up. Flip fitness allows me to modify my movement and baby the bad part, while exercising the rest of me.I am glad that I have the ability to attend this class: the friendships I have formed and the laughter is almost as full of exercise as the exercise itself. Sometimes in class I have never laughed so hard.

Jackie had said to me that while going through the medical trial that I am now, it is good to come to class because it lets your mind unwind.

My body doesn’t mind it either!