Being over fifty, I go back over a lot of Olympic games. I basically would watch the summer games for the swimming and the winter for more, but especially the ice skating.

I just was watching the team Ice Skating, which was a first time sport in the 2014 Winter games.
Gone are the days of Dorothy Hamill,Peggy Flemming,Brian Boitano, Brian Orser, and I could go on and on.Watching these games, I have really felt out of it.I guess you really have to stay following sports to know who is who. I am ashamed to say the only names I recognized were behind the microphone.

There is one thing that has never changed though, and that is the beauty of the ice skaters. Male or female, dancing or pairs,you have got to admire them for their ability to take to the ice and perform like they do.

Go team USA!

PS.Poland won their first winter games gold medal since 1972..this Polish American girl is really proud of them.