So now what?

The band-aid came off tonight.

There is the difference of dealing with sutures twenty years ago and today. Some things, though, do not change.Keep the site clean? No problem.Wash with soap and water? No problem.I just get this little itch right at the top of the incision that is making me nuts, and I know I can’t touch it.Once I clean it, I can put Vaseline on it, I am assuming, to keep the stitches from drying out too tightly, and keep my neck from looking too bad.

What is it about a site that automatically makes you want to go for it to touch it, scratch it, know what I mean.When you are a kid, you would hear your Mom say” Don’t touch it.”
Now I catch myself going for it, and go “Uh-oh.” I don’t touch it,but it must be like a magnetic force field in it, or like a flame that draws moths to it. **Chuckle**

Enjoy your Sunday!