I feel as though I have stayed too long at the campground.

The area we spend 2 days and nights in is small. There is no room to put anything else in.
Yet Shingleman wants to bring another tomato box in to store things…**smh**

I have said all along this was a Shingleman project and indeed it is.
To paraphrase Shakespeare, all the wives and fur children are merely players.

If I have one more person tell me how exciting a new house is……

I just am up to here with the lack of translation. I have learned its like whisper
down the lane.What I tell Jim somehow becomes something different to the contractor,
yet alone what the sub-contractor hears.End result? The two of us stumbling around
all stressed out.

It’s a one-time chance to get a new home and yet even with compromise and barter
I secretly long for the house we knocked down, which I though was fine.But we fast
forward to the new home being built.It will be a nice home.It’s not what I wanted,
but I have to accept it. I can only pray that there is a little piece of me
reflected in it.