Lighter the better

They are calling for a string of 90 degree days and you just know how much I adore the hot weather.**read heavy sarcasm here**

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

The seersucker shirts have come out, and this morning I bought a fresh pair of sandals to replace the ones I bought last year during jury duty.Below is a picture of my breakfast of choice and there will be NO coffee coming in this body today- a ton of water, thank you very much. Although I know some folks will go ugh when I mention lunch, well, I can’t help it. I was brought up by Mom with cottage cheese with peaches. I have twisted it to cottage cheese and pineapple. it works for me, folks-I will try anything to keep it cool.

Here’s hoping if you are stuck in the heat, you manage to keep hydrated and if you have an elderly relative or neighbor, be a good person and check on them. You’d be surprised the amount of sealed shut windows you find because they think “It makes the house cooler.” Remember to have plenty of shade and water for your fur kids too!

Take it easy!