Endangered trees

In light of the new construction of Undisclosed II, I have found out that a lot of the insurance companies are pulling away from homeowners insurance if the is a tree too close to the house. If it is because of the location of the area, sometimes prone to nor’easter,storms,or hurricanes, well, you can kind of see where the insurance companies are coming from.

In the meanwhile,the trees in the area are starting to dwindle.We are in a somewhat forested area, and little by little, the trees seem to be disappearing.Granted,a lot of folks trim their trees, hoping that it would help.It does to a point.If you were to walk one mile in either direction of our house, you could see the beginning of the end of the trees.

A few people are actually trying to replant,albeit a way from their home. But it’s not quite not the same.The area is known for being in the migratory path of birds during spring and fall.Taking their tree homes away gives them nowhere to nest. If there are no trees, you might as well be in the city, surrounded by concrete.

That is why I am still mourning the trees the new owners of our old house took down.A green carpet of trees helps maintain the green cycle in an area. How sad to see no respect for the environment.

Here’s hoping folks wise up!