Sunday at home

We were taking advantage of having a quiet Sunday at home .We got a lot of cleaning done, threw a lot of things away trying to straighten the place up.

Kasia has a new leash so she is out with Zush and Jim. What a difference a non choking leash makes.

Hate that it’s Sunday night. I can only hope we make it down for, probably, the last time before it gets knocked down.

It’s going to be a long summer.


Saturday wedding… Part Deux

So here we are at the beautiful reception. The food is abundant, drinks overflowing…

Oh.. What’s that you say? I can’t hear you. ** Disclaimer- Jim and I married in our 40’s **. This band is good and loud. Pardon me if I embrace my middle age cloak of snarling, but, you can dance to music that is low enough to have a conversation with the person at the table next to you. I probably will have trouble hearing for a day or two.

Thank God we don’t hear music this loud all the time…,I am sure if I was in the bridal party I’d love it- but that was 20 years ago…

** whew**