Chick-o-sticks- the advanced class


In a previous post I mentioned my fondness for Chick-o-sticks. They are a wonderful candy with that peanut butter crunch without the chocolate.

I had placed the prior post on the chick-o-stick website, and boy was I surprised. I found there was a huge chick-o-stick!
It was big enough and able enough to break and share or just eat it all by yourself. I was green with envy! I never saw them
in the Philadelphia area.

Guess what?

Found them this morning in the Sweet stop at the Reading Terminal market..what a pleasant surprise!

Picked up a few to share with my family. We will truly be happy!

No escaping it

On days I am late, I get to be on my beloved train again, thanks to Jim.

It is a station a little further up the line, and when I got there this morning, I couldn’t escape shore housing or work.

Behind the station they had workmen dropping and opening modular housing units…. giving new meaning to the old chestnut,” You can run,but you can’t hide.”

Happy Wednesday!