End of the world as we know it

Actually the 11 year world as I knew it ended June 6,2013 when our house sold and
I was forced to moved to domicile 2….but…

It’s dreary out…really…as in you know the golf ball hail and winds are just around the corner.

I am waiting for the thunder to start, knowing my poor Zush might just get some comfort from
her sister Kasia or her Dad. I have listened to the weather channel and checked out Al Roker
this morning and all I have to say is I am going to run for cover if a tornado comes my way.

Or, in other words, if I see Jim Cantore in front of my building, I’m done.


Alone again….

So guess where Jim is?
He says he knows he can’t sleep, so he’s back down Rochelle Avenue, seeing his friend Mike.

The girls and I are stuck here at Domicile 2. Nothing like being stuck where you don’t want to be.

Hope I can sleep through!!!