The Pause that refreshes… least, my soul, is the Undisclosed Location.

We got down here a little later today and probably won’t stay quite as long as we
have to get back up to the house for some issues to take care of**read still worry
about** and of course, Mother’s Day.

Jim is out riding his bike with our friend and later, we’ll all walk up to
watch the sunset-truly one of God’s masterpieces.

Life is good..20130322-184512.jpg

Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend.

I miss her, but know she’s enjoying heaven. I miss her from especially last four years. The softness of her face, the softness of her hand when I touched it. Those marvelous blue eyes.

I’ll spend some time with Jim’s Mom on Sunday. It’s not quite the same., though. I am blessed to have her as a mother-in-law, though.

There is no Mom like your own.

Happy Mother’s Day !