Capping it all off

I made a mistake.

I loved my old Dentist. He is a good guy, but getting up there in years and sometimes his “sthick” was a little much.
So I wondered who to go to, and Jim said go to my Dentist.

Big-g-g-g-g mistake.

It’s like having a 1988 Ford Fairmount and limping in to a new care dealer and seeing all the shiny
new models and thinking,” Yeah, I like this.”

New technology =Good =Pricy

New Dentist having to PAY for his new technology based on what was in my mouth? Not such a good idea.

I lost a 3 month old real molar cap this morning and fortunately, was able to be fit in at the new guy.

I found out today that, he kind of let it slip, that the tooth is fractured and…

Nothing has happened in those three months, pal.

There shouldn’t have been a cap put there IN THE FIRST PLACE.

It goes without saying I will be back to my old guy for anything else…

I’ll gladly limp around in the old ford any day.