Blah, blah, blah…


We are NOT at Undisclosed this weekend because we have things to do in the city.

Called Shingleman to see what’s going on this afternoon, and he informs me HE’s working tomorrow.

**holding my head in expectation of the headache that’s a-brewing**

Have a good weekend.


Friday Five

I’m thankful that the guy Shingleman hired to cut down trees at Undisclosed worked while we all
were not down there. I’d probably have nightmares of limbs cracking drywall…

I’m thankful for low-fat vegetable cream cheese, as it does a bagel good!

I’m thankful that even though I have to work today, Undisclosed Location will always be there.

I am thankful I got a few hours of sleep last night, albeit not enough, since whatever I have been
typing ends up having to be corrected…my eyes are tired…**sigh**

I’m thankful for one of my BFF’s Denise…maid of honor, baby sister, fellow pet mom, Jack of all
trades…Happy Birthday( a little early!)kiddo!

Have a wonderful weekend