Not feeling it today..

It’s a beautiful day today.

We are still busy, but dealing with a possible 590,000 people will make you busy.

I’m still hacking and at work.

A BFF is having newly hatched-possible caregiving issues with her Dad.

Another buddy is on the verge of having to put a fur child down….

I don’t know if it’s the medicine or what but my nerves are shot and I feel as though if here was the edge,I’m THISCLOSE to it.
Adding insult to injury is the fact that I am here in the city this weekend and I HATE IT.

**Climbing down from soapbox**

Thank you for your support…lol


And the winner is?….


…those of you who said there is nothing in my brain..joking…my lungs are clear so evidently I need to master the ” I’ll walk a mile for a Camel” cough a little better.

Beautiful day here in the big Scrapple…shame I have to waste it indoors. Make it a good one!