Tired…so tired

I am fed up.

I have been off anti-depressants for 3 months. It hasn’t been easy. Trying to be a cheering section for myself and my husband, well…there may be a lot of me, but trying to a cheerful rah-rah girl when it’s the last thing you feel like doing….**sigh**

I wanted to go back on anti-depressants, yet what I have been on, well, the insurance doesn’t want to pay for me to try something new. They want me to go back on something that didn’t work before. Yeah that’s good….spend a chunk of change on something that I know doesn’t work.

I’m tired of this system. I’m tired of fighting.

All of a sudden, alcohol looks really good.


Lousy day

…even though any day you have two feet on the ground is a good day.

I was just informed that a local journalist will be sitting in the cubicle behind me this morning.
Gee,**wondering to myself**, what did I DO to deserve such an honor? lol….It’s a rainy day so I guess I’ll just
use their visit and an opportunity to be entertained.

I also have decided to do a countdown to the 2nd birthday to my knees, as they’ll be 2 on Monday. Seems like only
yesterday I was hobbling around..lol

Make today count, one way or another, as you only get one stab at it! Zush is going to make in count the best way possible-cozy and sleepy!