I am literally exhausted beyond comprehension.

It is good to be able to sink your teeth into something and feel like you are accomplishing things.
It isn’t always easy when people walk up to you and you can just visualize that they are walking
Brillo pads, just trying to rub you the wrong way. You still muddle through as best as you can.

The satisfaction?

You are still on your feet at the end of the day. You have fought the good fight.

And the Brillo pads?

They eventually lose their soap and their toughness.




And I asked you, uh, what?

I have to laugh.

An acquaintance left me a voice mail regarding what they felt was “wrong” with the blog.

Oh yes, I missed the fact that I said, come, all you people from my past and feel free to dump on me. I must have been sleepwalking up and down the street with a sandwich-board type sign inviting verbal critiques.

If you’d like to leave a critique in the comments, that’s fine.

If you can’t stop and take 5 minutes to call me and see how I am once in a while, well, I’ll tend to view YOUR critique with the same amount of time.


I answered this in print, giving it more credibility than it is worth….

Must be feeling benevolent…roflmao.

YOU know who you are…lol