Anxious? Moi?

I finished making brownies last night for Jim to take to work.

Once I was done and upstairs. I made a mistake- I looked at Facebook.

A passing acquaintance of mine, who is a mutual friend of my buddy Kath who fostered my Zush, posted. Her old girl is hanging in, but soon to see the rainbow bridge.

It hit me. … hard… like a punch in the solar plexus. I’ve lived with Zush longer, and she’s a Golden retriever mix. Jen’s dog is a lab. It was the picture and post that got me. My chest got tight, I couldn’t breathe… I felt Jen’s sadness.

A good friend of mine threw the quote at me once that the problem with dogs were that their lives aren’t long enough.

In my humble opinion? How true! It makes me cherish my girls even more.



After dinner tonite, I started baking some double chocolate brownies for Shingleman to bring to work. Just as pure accident, I came across the movie “Heat” with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro.

I never was into cop/gangster movies. I was a late bloomer to Pacino and DeNiro, and I have come to appreciate them both. Maybe like a maturing fine wine, you have to be of a certain age….I don’t know.

Either way, making brownies was a delight!