And it all started..

..with a morning with me getting dressed in a coma. End result? Two different colored blue socks now reside on my feet.

Left my Iphone at the house, and my nephew Greg couldn’t find it, although to his credit, he did give it the old college try.

My lower back is on the verge of rebelling against the rest of my body.

People are awfully LOUD today…it may blizzard later tomorrow, but they are acting like it’s a snow day here.


Kasia is making her way around ok: she’s taking her medicine and actually listening to people for a change.

The rest of the family is hanging in there.

I guess it’s a wash. LOL


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59 year old married female, care-giving, loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

4 thoughts on “And it all started..”

  1. Hi Mar: Did you say they were LOUD today. I kinda remember everyday being LOUD, especially a few people I can’t mention. Sure glad that Kasia girl is doing so well and I know that you are soooo relieved about that. Take care and hang in there, it is almost the weekend. Love ya!!!! Love Duch

    1. Duch? The Aleve bottle has made guest appearances this morning, so that should give you a barometer of the level, and not having my music to help block it out just makes it worse.Maybe I should be a sledgehammer and go knock a house down( yours?LOL) to get the stress out of my system? XXXOOO

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