February Friday Five

Managed to escape from the big city for a little.

When we got down to Undisclosed, we came through snow and cold. It’s nice. Nice clear air to clean the city crap out of my lungs.The girls are in heaven running out in the back yard playing in the snow!

We get to go out to dinner tonight with our friends. We don’t get a chance to go often, so it promises to be a nice night. It’s always good to hang with good friends.

My health is decent enough that I managed to donate a pint of blood. I remember post-chemo when I couldn’t. I am happy I can.

It’s cold enough that snuggling on the flannel sheets under the comforter tonight, well, if it stays cold, I’m not going to want to leave the bed tomorrow. Oh…Saturday….yay! I CAN stay in bed.

I’m looking forward to a Superbowl party Sunday at my friend’s house.We don’t always go to one, and I am rooting for as close to local as I am going to get, the Ravens.

Have a good weekend!


Over the river….

So what do you do when high winds make the concrete under a flag pole explode 9 stories above ground?

If you are the city of Philadelphia, you red and yellow tape across two intersections. For cars, right?
Nope, for cars and pedestrians.

As you figure, ok, it’s ok to walk down to work-after all, your building isn’t this building…HAH…
…the trusty policeman doesn’t give you a heads’ up. He lets you get all the way down to the corner, only to find out you
have to go all the way back to the other way in order to walk to your office, right next door.

If was more important for the cop to be staring in store windows, totally oblivious to what he needed to be

Happy Friday, eh?