This morning, I would say the winds here are blowing a minimum of 25 miles per hour.
25 mph….


The girls and I will go out lunch time to see our friends, but I think we are going to stay in and stay cozy. This is not necessarily the way I wanted to leave 2012 in Undisclosed, but I KNOW 2013 will rock.

Happy old year memories and a happy new year full of promise to you all!


Another Saturday night..

…and after Mass, Jim and I were invited to our neighbor Jerry’s house for gulasz myśliwski, or hunter’s stew. Jerry is a native of Poland, and with my Polish background as well as Jim’s, well, let’s just say the meal was wonderful, and on a damp dreary night as it is now, well, you can safely assume that it hit the spot. It is always good to have good food and good conversation and laughs. It is true what they say laughter is the best medicine!
I have come back to have the girls out and get comfortable for the night. My nephew Greg informed me that we had snow in the city, and down here we were only rained on. We are going to relax for the rest of the weekend, traveling to our friends Juls and Tim for News Years’ eve.
Here’s hoping that if you have to go out on the roads, you are safe. Stay warm and snuggle!