Stand and Deliver

It is with a tip o’the cap to my friend “B”,that my resilience is bolstered today. She is going through trying times, and made a journal-like entry as to current conclusions she had made on life as we know it.

I am able to join “B” at these conclusions, thanks to considerate friends, and join in her pronouncement ….”I’ve got this.”

Thanks “B”, for spelling it out for me!
Sometimes a friend is best on leading the way!


Deepest of holes

They are still digging up my street.

Now, only, to add insult to injury, they are at the intersection by my house and leaving their big monster machines in front of my gate. It has to go somewhere, but the fact that some people in the area think it’s fun to go speeding around the detour and kick up dust for anyone who is walking.

Meaning me.

As I type this, I am still hacking because a jerk had a good time running by the street with his car not once but twice. Think Oklahoma in the 1930’s. Yup-dust bowl!

I can only keep hoping that karma is a bitch for some people, because, well…just because. I know, I know-not the most Christian of attitudes but…..

‘Nuff said.