Tomorrow is the eleventh anniversary of 9/11/2001.

It is truly a date that changed history, Once I got home, Mom and I met with our friend and neighbor, KJ, and we comforted each other and offered some prayers.

Before the day got terrible associations, two of my BFF’s , Juls and Kath, got married to their husbands, thirty and nineteen years ago respectively.

It is terrible to have to balance terrible historical events with happy times.

I love both Juls and Kath-they are the best! May they have many more happy years together with their spouses, and
wonderful memories to brighten their future. Both Shingleman and I , along with Kasia and Zush, send tons of love and hugs!


This is a shot of me and one of my BFF’s Juls. … Need a current shot of Kath