Date Night

It’s date night.

We are down at undisclosed , sitting next to each other on the love seat watching John Carpenter’s “Christine” on cable.

Before we dated, it’d be a cold day in hell before I would even read Stephen King. I am just not a scary type of gal. Somehow this movie I can handle.

It’s also nice being home kicking back together. It seems as though we don’t get the chance or make the time. Togetherness is a good thing!

Have a good weekend!


Friday Five

We are back to grateful Fridays….

I am so gratefulĀ for my girls Zush and Kasia: I saw on Facebook this morning that one of my fellow dog moms lost her greyhound, who was Zushs’ age. She passed in her sleep. Makes me savor the time I have with both my girls.

The reason I am at work today is I am giving blood. Nineteen years ago I beat my first cancer: hopefully donating my blood might help someone else deal with whatever issue they have.

I am so grateful to have my life, as twisted as it might be at times, and my buddies. There are folks I know that have NO ONE.

Iced coffee can not get enough thanks in my book: this has been the steppingĀ  stone for my mornings in this heat.

Again, I am truly grateful to you, reader.Thanks for being there.