I don’t think I am asking for a lot.

I buy sliced cheese from the deli. As do a million other folks, I grab a number at the deli, I’ll buy a pound of turkey and a pound of cheese.

Sliced cheese. You know, so you have nice slices to melt on a burger, make a party tray, sandwich,…whatever…

Yet it seems time after time, I get a glop of cheese. When they slice it, they put it on the scale, and lay it one slice on top of another. Secretly, I’d swear they get the package after they slice it and smoosh it with their hand. I don’t know:is it me?

I am tired of standing at the kitchen counter with a knife to separate slices of cheese only to get chunks of a few slices break off at one time. I ask nicely to slice the cheese not too thin, and yet, I open up the package and get dairy tissue paper.Really.

As we were checking out at the register, after the cheese was wrung up , I walked over to the customer service desk and showed them the cheese.She said” return it”, to which I said so I can get a pound the same way?

You can put this in with my Dunkin Donuts rant…all I want is my cheese sliced the way I want it. I guess it’s too much to hope for.


I’m melting-g-g

My husband’s nephew, Tom, called me today while we were in the city: he wanted to take Jim and me out for dinner, since he was at the Jersey shore, and we would be.

We got to the spot, and early enough for happy hour, and although we were melting, the cold beer made us forget ! We had Dungeness crab, conch fritters, mussels in red sauce,and clams casino.
Good company, nice bay breeze, and calories…..rough start to the weekend!!