View from deliberations

I never thought I’d say I miss my office and co-workers…I do.

Here on day 8, aka the third day of deliberation, I have learned:

1. Judges will hold you tight if they feel they can get a verdict: mistrial is a word they aren’t fond of.

2. The deliberation lunches used to be better, so I am told, but then the city fell behind on their bills.

3.Although we laugh once in a while, you can cut the tension in here with a knife.

4. We are all tired of deliberating, as of 1 PM day 3,

5.It’s been a good experience I can’t wait to finish.



Another Sunday night, and for the third consecutive Monday, I am headed for jury duty.


The trial is up to us deliberating, and who is up to their eyeballs in coffee. Again, I will be leaving the house with my nephew Greg, and once more, we will be on train, heading for town. Spending time with Greg has been the highlight of jury duty. It has been fascinating to see the criminal justice system in action: not something I want to repeat, but fascinating, none the less.

Like Zush, I am tired …but will hang in there…

Have a good week.