Still chugging along…

Another day on the jury under my belt.I even tripped on a rug with my sneakers for added entertainment and spilled my coffee, but fortunately the trial reigned over my clumsiness.

I have to laugh today because they have bombarded us with experts, and the cheesy lawyers for the defense try to knock them down. The judge no sooner announced that both attorneys,i.e., prosecution and defense, agree that they are experts, but give it a half beat and here goes the sleazy defense attorneys trying to undermine their credibility.

A few friends of mine said that I could be up in Bellefonte, for the P.S.U. sex scandal and on that jury. At first I thought it would be great to be on that jury, but the stuff down here just makes my head swim. I guess God did give me what He felt I could handle.

A bona-fide F.B.I. person is on tap for tomorrow, to dazzle us with more technical double stepping. When he/she is done, I am sure I’ll be longing for the days of two tin cans and a piece of string;that is, for a simpler time,

Hopefully things will be wrapping up soon, but who knows?

Worn out

Well, tomorrow is day four of jury duty. It has been awfully intense, but definitely a life experience .

They say change is good, and it is. I have made new friends and it is incredible what people do in a group to relieve the strain of a capital trial.

Tomorrow is another day: here’s hoping it’s a good one!