Thankful Friday

This Friday has me thankful for a ton of things…. Here’s just a few….

Sitting in jury duty finds me so grateful I never was on the other side of the room, i.e.,the defendant’s chair- it is a scary place to be.

Also sitting in the jury box, boy, am I am glad I have a college education: it is daunting to sit there and comprehend what’s going on. It is hard enough, having the education that allows me to understand what’s going on, but you have to follow it too….

I am grateful for this current patch of cooler weather, which allows me to sleep better and wake up ready to go to jury duty.

I am grateful for my buddies in the office . I do miss them and being at the criminal justice center makes me miss them more.

Finally, this Friday has me thankful for my health, as you have to sit for long periods in the jury box, not run out of the room and back: thank God I can do it!

Have a nice weekend!